Poople Maps

The App

An app for locating poop and dumping it the right way. Let us know, and we will leave no proof behind your little proof.


Leave the Mess to Someone Else

Do not worry about your mess. Let us help in clearing up the pavements and the streets for you.


Start the Shit Happens Experience Now!

Download our app and find the best solutions for clearing the mess behind you.

Why Us

We are a group of volunteers providing the best service to clear out the streets for any mess created by your pets and make sure the streets remain clean.

Our Objective

Stained sidewalk, mined green spaces, with Poople Maps have fun and win many virtual rewards thanks to the geolocation of the turds you carry out!

Provide a means of expression and visibility to serve users and communities.

Thanks to Poople Maps, users will be able to have fun while becoming aware of this urban scourge .

Say goodbye to the smelly stuff

Start Using Poople Maps

Poople Maps is an application for smartphones allowing the geolocation of dog excrement . Thanks to Poople Maps, communities will finally be able to take stock of the situation by noticing dirty places thanks to user check-ins.
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An app to help dog poop


Are you witness, once again, of a turd forgotten by his dog and his master?

1 – Draw your smartphone

2 – Geotag this junk with the Poople Maps application.

3 – Now that this beautiful turd is immortalized you can have fun by customizing it to your imagination.

4 – Win numerous virtual rewards and share your discoveries and rewards.

"...The best service available today for a cleaner and healthier environment....."
Bobby T. Jackson

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The importance of Geo-Location in app development


After a detailed survey, it was found that individuals who were not interested in smartphones started using it because of the geo-location features of the smartphones. It is found that people throughout the world, especially in the developing and underdeveloped countries, individuals tremendously use the geo locator apps to navigate both for personal and professional purposes. If you are looking for the importance of the geo-location in app development, then you are on the right page. In this article, we are discussing the role of the Geo-Location feature.

Smartphone have inbuilt GPS feature

The very primitive importance is that every smartphone you name has a GPS feature inbuilt. Because of which the phone is rated smart. If you look back into the decades, navigation was the biggest problem for the travellers and even the local individuals. But after the introduction of the smartphones, the installation of the mobile applications and driving it became very simple. Most of the hardware manufactures nowadays ship smartphones and tablets with built-in GPS chips. To be glad about our technological advancement, we have GPS satellite to provide all the information we need regarding the navigation and also the capacity to provide the live snippets to provide the user with a better quality of navigation.

Accurate location identifier

The current status of the GPS advancement is that they provide the exact location of the person targeted. It offers one of the very confident and magnificent locating terms that helps the navigators’ finds the perfect location. Since the mobile phone of users will be connected to the GPS, it will allow the satellite to track his/her every move with live co-ordinates. This provides the mobile app developers to leverage the static and dynamic location of the target.

Reach out to the most relevant customers

Connecting with you customers is a very big challenge of the current generation. It is very necessary for all the vendors to have a very good relationship with their customers. To find and fetch the customers, the navigation feature contributes to the most. Without any complain, it will target the right customers and help the connections. The applications developed, having a GPS help the real world to determine the exact location through geo-fencing. These approaches are highly practical and have great demand in the coming future.

Promote customer relationship

It might be very simple to find and business with a customer, but it is very difficult to maintain a simple relationship and loyalty. The businesses which rely on the GPS or utilize GPS for their business struggle a lot to maintain the built relationship with them. It is also called as the very basic and successful approach of gaining the faith of the customer. When you are successful in winning a good number of customers, you can increase your business and the numbers within no time.